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[Trinity Coffee House]

In early March, Brooke’s friend Jenn asked if we’d design some promotional material for a fundraising event at Trinity Fellowship Church. Money raised from the Trinity Coffee House would go to support Jenn’s sister, Robin, who’s heading to Central Asia as a long-term missionary. Jenn sent us some specific wording, along with a few Bible verses and facts about unreached people groups.

Samantha and I started brainstorming and came up with a design that leaned towards grassroots advertising – i.e. posters and information nailed to wooden objects around town (fences, telephone poles, etc.). We scoured the web for textures, photoshop brushes, and fonts, then brought it all together. We began with an aged wood slat background and built our layers from there.


We used Dock11 Heavy on the main poster. I like that it’s bold and has kind of an artsy-retro feel without being crazy or difficult to read.

Dock11 Heavy

For the extras tacked around the main poster, we used Journal. We wanted to give the look of a note that had been jotted down over a cup of coffee.


For the map, Samantha traced the outline of world map and then added in some shading to indicate the 10/40 window.


And to complete the look, Samantha knocked out a sweet doodle of a coffee mug, which has now become the logo for Trinity Coffee House.

Coffee Mug

In addition to the full-size poster, we also created invitations. Printed front and back, they included the event details and some 10/40 window information.


We had a ton of fun putting these together and look forward to doing more with Trinity Coffee House!