{Courtney + Matthew}

A friend of Brooke’s asked us to help her design the paper products for her wedding, which was this past Thanksgiving weekend. Courtney is admittedly a little quirky, and she and her now-husband, Matthew, are “math and science geeks.” She had plenty of ideas to share, but we finally settled on one that maintained simplicity but brought in a little mathematical and scientific whimsy.

First up is the save the date cards. Courtney asked if we could use the periodic table of elements as a springboard, which was pretty fun and made for a unique postcard.

Save the Date

Next is the full invitation packet. After going through lots of color options, including a deep purple and a forest green, we settled two traditional fall colors. We chose a simple serifed font called Jura for the majority of the text, but used Advent, a more linear/futuristic sans-serif font, to break things up a bit. I am sure an assembly line of sisters were used to put these together!

full suite

As Courtney’s family hadn’t yet determined hotel accommodations, she decided to just include a small card asking those who needed information to contact her. They maintained the style and are a cute addition to the suite.

accommodations cards

For the response card, we designed a simple postcard carrying our mathematical centerpiece.

response card

And finally, the invitation itself. I love the wording they chose for the reception details!


invitation close up

For the wedding day, we designed table markers, food signs, and programs. For the table markers, Courtney had the idea of going back to the periodic table but creating our own “elements” pulled from various phrases in their wedding vows. We ran with it, and I think they came out pretty great!

Table Markers

Signs for the food tables were done in a similar fashion.

Food Signs

And lastly, the programs. Brooke found inspiration in her college friend Jenny’s website, Vivian Elle Invitations, and added in some more math/science whimsy with the use of plus signs and equal signs. (These might have been my favorite thing we did for this bride!)



One thought on “{Courtney + Matthew}

  1. Amy Brennan says:

    I had to ask Courtney if the date had something to do with her love of math. Her wedding date was 11/23. 1+1=2 and 1+2=3. She said no. The weatherman that day had a special name for that date.

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