Made: Wood Plaque

Brooke’s friend Julie got married in Charleston, SC on May 25.

I had found out ahead of time that How Deep the Father’s Love For Us was going to be sung during the ceremony and is one of the groom’s favorite hymns.

I started out with a scrap piece of 1×10 and had it cut down square. I sanded it, applied three coats of taupe, and then three coats of chocolate brown. After another sanding, this became my canvas:


I laid out the words in Photoshop in a font called Dock11, printed it all out, and taped everything together. Then I used this really sweet product called graphite paper to trace it onto the wood.


Then it was just a matter of painting in the lines… The funny part of the story here is that I didn’t finish it in time, but I realized the morning we were leaving that we were going to have about a day and a half in Charleston prior to the wedding. So I filled up one of those travel shampoo bottles with some of the paint, and packed it in my carry-on, along with the wood. Sure enough, while the hubs was having a nap before dinner on Wednesday, I was able to finish it up. (Wish I’d thought about getting a photo of my makeshift art studio on the floor of our hotel room!)

And here’s the final product:


Here’s hoping it reminds Josh and Julie of their special wedding day for years to come!

• • • • •

E2:10 Designs can create a custom wood sign like this one for you! Email us at for information and pricing.


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