Made: Wood Sign

Heading to a bridal shower today and decided to make another sign. As she’s an all-things-vintage-loving lady, I chose a font reminiscent of a movie poster from the 20s. Admittedly, the painting was a little trickier with all the straight lines and angles, but I think it came out pretty well.

full sign

mr and mrs close up


est close up

sign overhead

We would love the opportunity to create one for your family – or one you can use as a gift. Email us at for details.


Made: Wood Sign

Rather than pick something off the registry for my husband’s cousin’s wedding last spring, I decided to make the newlyweds-to-be a custom sign.

Some scrap wood, graphite paper, paint, sandpaper, and a little patience were all that was needed for this one-of-a-kind commemoration of their wedding day and the beginning of their family.

wood sign

wood sign

wood sign

We would love the opportunity to create one for your family – or one you can use as a gift. Email us at for details.

{Courtney + Matthew}

A friend of Brooke’s asked us to help her design the paper products for her wedding, which was this past Thanksgiving weekend. Courtney is admittedly a little quirky, and she and her now-husband, Matthew, are “math and science geeks.” She had plenty of ideas to share, but we finally settled on one that maintained simplicity but brought in a little mathematical and scientific whimsy.

First up is the save the date cards. Courtney asked if we could use the periodic table of elements as a springboard, which was pretty fun and made for a unique postcard.

Save the Date

Next is the full invitation packet. After going through lots of color options, including a deep purple and a forest green, we settled two traditional fall colors. We chose a simple serifed font called Jura for the majority of the text, but used Advent, a more linear/futuristic sans-serif font, to break things up a bit. I am sure an assembly line of sisters were used to put these together!

full suite

As Courtney’s family hadn’t yet determined hotel accommodations, she decided to just include a small card asking those who needed information to contact her. They maintained the style and are a cute addition to the suite.

accommodations cards

For the response card, we designed a simple postcard carrying our mathematical centerpiece.

response card

And finally, the invitation itself. I love the wording they chose for the reception details!


invitation close up

For the wedding day, we designed table markers, food signs, and programs. For the table markers, Courtney had the idea of going back to the periodic table but creating our own “elements” pulled from various phrases in their wedding vows. We ran with it, and I think they came out pretty great!

Table Markers

Signs for the food tables were done in a similar fashion.

Food Signs

And lastly, the programs. Brooke found inspiration in her college friend Jenny’s website, Vivian Elle Invitations, and added in some more math/science whimsy with the use of plus signs and equal signs. (These might have been my favorite thing we did for this bride!)


{Alissa + Tom}

9 days from now, Brooke’s college friend Alissa will be getting married. We designed her wedding invitations earlier this summer.

Alissa had some basic ideas of where she wanted to go, which is always helpful. She sent lots of links to and pictures of things she liked, which we used to piece it all together. A sketch (by her architect husband-to-be no less) of the farmhouse where they’re having the ceremony set things in a definite direction.

Farm closeup

I cannot even tell you how much I love this sketch.

Once Alissa said she wanted to incorporate some kind of “western” font in the invitation, I went on a hunt and found this great font, CM Old Western. We rounded out the fonts with something simple with a touch of old world, IM Fell Great Primer, and something scripty but not too swirly, Haiku’s Script.


Alissa had a few things she wanted to add to the invitation, so after printing we mailed them off. Here’s the finished product with a chocolate brown matte and a twine wrap. We think she did great!

full suite

After sending us a few more links, including one to a free downloadable from a scrapbooking site, the RSVP cards were quite easy to put together. We gave an antique look to Tom’s farm sketch and set it in a polaroid frame. We used the same Haiku’s Script and CM Old Western fonts from the invitation to complete the front.

RSVP front

For the wording on the back, Alissa pulled from the couple’s history: “Could you put an empty box… so that they can “check yes or no” as that country song says. haha. It’s cheesy, but we are THAT couple! He never really asked me to be his girlfriend so on our 1st anniversary he wrote me a poem and at the end of it he used the ‘check yes or no’.” It was perfect!

RSVP back

This invitation suite was so fun to create, and Alissa was a breeze to work with. Blessings to her and Tom!

Made: Wood Plaque

Brooke’s friend Julie got married in Charleston, SC on May 25.

I had found out ahead of time that How Deep the Father’s Love For Us was going to be sung during the ceremony and is one of the groom’s favorite hymns.

I started out with a scrap piece of 1×10 and had it cut down square. I sanded it, applied three coats of taupe, and then three coats of chocolate brown. After another sanding, this became my canvas:


I laid out the words in Photoshop in a font called Dock11, printed it all out, and taped everything together. Then I used this really sweet product called graphite paper to trace it onto the wood.


Then it was just a matter of painting in the lines… The funny part of the story here is that I didn’t finish it in time, but I realized the morning we were leaving that we were going to have about a day and a half in Charleston prior to the wedding. So I filled up one of those travel shampoo bottles with some of the paint, and packed it in my carry-on, along with the wood. Sure enough, while the hubs was having a nap before dinner on Wednesday, I was able to finish it up. (Wish I’d thought about getting a photo of my makeshift art studio on the floor of our hotel room!)

And here’s the final product:


Here’s hoping it reminds Josh and Julie of their special wedding day for years to come!

• • • • •

E2:10 Designs can create a custom wood sign like this one for you! Email us at for information and pricing.

‹Distinctively Clean, LLC›

Back in mid April, Brooke’s friend Becky asked for some design help on the website for her new cleaning company, Distinctively Clean, LLC.

After stumbling across the freebies here and here, and perusing through the stock photos Becky had already purchased in preparation for advertising, it didn’t take long to figure out the rest of the layout. She also already had a logo, so the colors were pretty much set.

Logo overlay at top left:

One of the animated buttons at top right:

Background for the columns:

Footer with space for the FaceBook page integration:

Put it all together:

The result is a sleek, clean feel that appeals to the kind of clients she’s aiming for.

[Trinity Coffee House]

In early March, Brooke’s friend Jenn asked if we’d design some promotional material for a fundraising event at Trinity Fellowship Church. Money raised from the Trinity Coffee House would go to support Jenn’s sister, Robin, who’s heading to Central Asia as a long-term missionary. Jenn sent us some specific wording, along with a few Bible verses and facts about unreached people groups.

Samantha and I started brainstorming and came up with a design that leaned towards grassroots advertising – i.e. posters and information nailed to wooden objects around town (fences, telephone poles, etc.). We scoured the web for textures, photoshop brushes, and fonts, then brought it all together. We began with an aged wood slat background and built our layers from there.


We used Dock11 Heavy on the main poster. I like that it’s bold and has kind of an artsy-retro feel without being crazy or difficult to read.

Dock11 Heavy

For the extras tacked around the main poster, we used Journal. We wanted to give the look of a note that had been jotted down over a cup of coffee.


For the map, Samantha traced the outline of world map and then added in some shading to indicate the 10/40 window.


And to complete the look, Samantha knocked out a sweet doodle of a coffee mug, which has now become the logo for Trinity Coffee House.

Coffee Mug

In addition to the full-size poster, we also created invitations. Printed front and back, they included the event details and some 10/40 window information.


We had a ton of fun putting these together and look forward to doing more with Trinity Coffee House!

{Michael + Leah}

Back in February, we helped Brooke’s friend Leah with her wedding invitations.

Leah was looking for a pretty traditional layout with non-traditional wording, and also wanted to incorporate some important symbols. Her wish list included an antique look (possibly an old photo as a watermark of sorts), wedding rings, the Bible, and an emphasis on Christ. She also wanted us to use her wedding colors – lavender and sage green.

After playing around with lots of ideas, we finally ended up designing a custom border that brought in almost all of her initial thoughts.

We started with a simple lavender border and then created interlocking circles in sage, one thicker than the other, to represent wedding rings. For the inner border, we chose Ephesians 5:31-33, and set it in a simple script font called Lavanderia.

Invitation closeup

We used the same script font for their names and selected IM Fell English for the text.


Leah’s mother found a great deal on a print-at-home invitation suite with handmade paper jackets and packages of petal seals to complete the look.

Complete invitation

Her mother and I printed and assembled the invitations in an afternoon and the invitations were on their way within a few days!